Code of Ethics

ESO: Guild Wars Prophecy Webmastering Code of Ethics

   Web Masters' Code of Ethics:

  1. We, provide valuable content for use and access via the Internet.

  2. We recognize that use of the Internet and cyberspace comes with responsibilities of ethical behavior.
  3. We agree to uphold all legal and moral aspects of cyberspace use.

  4. We provide information and services geared toward specific market(s) or audience(s) or demographic(s) and do not attempt to falsify, modify or trick search engines or individuals using the Internet by misleading Meta Tags, search engine gimmicks or doorway pages.

  5. We agree to protect any data, to the best of our ability, transmitted via the Internet to protect individuals' rights to privacy and privileges.

  6. We recognize and respect intellectual property rights, copyrights, credit and other financial sources in a responsible manner.

  7. We use authentic, registered programs within the guidelines of fair use and do not condone or tolerate the use or distribution of illegally copied or transmitted software.

  8. We do not hack (break into other's sites), steal or participate in any cyber-crimes including malicious mischief editing of content that we have not been authorized to edit.

  9. We make a firm commitment to ESO: Guild Wars Prophecy' anti-hacking program, a.k.a. Stop Hackers Campaign - and agree to report any such incidents that we may uncover to the proper authorities.

  10. We endorse the highest possible standard of cyberspace conduct, to produce and promote cyber-ethically responsible Internet presentations to be accessed via the World Wide Web.

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