Cradle of Shadows

I know that there are videos on out there but they are generally either just shows groups killing the bosses (with no explanation whatsoever) or groups in there burn boss so fast that they skip mechanics. There are also groups who simply prefer classic written guides where they can copy past exactly what they want and they dont have to watch 1 hour long video just to find a 1 minute fragment. So here it comes.

Word of advice before you enter:

  • This dungeon is difficult (i assume that you will go in to a Vet version right away), there is lot of stuff going on and fight is very fast paced. It will happen that your healer will be gone (like separated, not necessary dead) so you need your own personal heals.

  • DDs and Healer also can interrupt! - it will happen that tank is so overcrowded with things or trying to interrupt something next to DD or Healer will do more harm than good so, DDs and Healer - join the bash club!

  • Dont try to burn bosses and skip mechanics unless you are like VERY VERY 100% SURE you will manage to do it. Its better to spent 30 seconds to play mechanics in execute phase than to wipe and have to repeat 5 minute fight. Team speak is not necessary if you explain and give clear directions before fight but it does help to remind people what to do at specific boss phases.

  • All of fights are designed in a way that most of groups will HAVE to deal with adds or they will get swarmed. Burning boss is not advised, play mechanics, kill adds. Stop damage to boss completely if you have to.

Cradle of Shadows:

1st + 2nd + Part Of Final Boss Global Mechanic:

Light is good, dark is bad. If monsters are in shadows, away from light they get greatly reduced damage like 1/10 or even less of normal. Monsters, trash, bosses have to be chained, lured, kited into braziers of light so they will be taking full damage. Also when player is in dark he will start taking enviromental damage and will get snared + his screen will get creepy dark. Stay in light. As you walk throught corridors light braziers around you so you have somewhere to wait and kill trash spiders that chase you.

Go to the following link for the mechanics of each boss in Cradle of Shadows:

Boss Mechanics

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em