Puzzle Solutions

Puzzles Solutions In Elder Scrolls Online

For anyone needing help with the puzzles in Elder Scrolls Online, I will provide them here as I discovered them. Anyone does not want to see these before discovering them on their own, feel free to turn back now. I am currently adding them so this list is not completed yet.

Lost City of the Na-Totambu Only (Group Event in game)

In the largest room of the ruins, you'll discover an area with six glowing platforms on the floor with designs on them - Scorpion, Spider, and Scarab. You'll notice that the symbols match in pairs on the opposite corners and one pair in the middle. To solve the puzzle, you and another player must stand on matching symbols at the same time in that order, Scorpion, Spider, Scarab. You'll know you've succeeded when the buttons stop glowing. (Note: If there are more than two players present; make sure that no one is standing on the other switches while you attempt to make the matched pair for it will prevent the puzzle from working.)

Puzzle of the Pass

The order of the tiles: Ritual, Warrior, Mage, Tower, Shadow

For the Stone Guardian riddle:

    A) What is the time of dawning? Of birth and nourishing rain? Larelleis
    B) A time of light and joy and abundant growth. Long, hot days give away to short, hot nights. Wenayasille
    C) An end come to all things. And like dusk comes before the night, this cycle comes before the gray of iron death. Morilatta
    D) What is the season of iron gray? What is the cycle in which the world finally dies, at least for a time? Angalayond

Old Orsinium Puzzles

Hammer’s ByPass Puzzle

Click the runes in the following order

    Tumosh (Crossed Weapons)
    Morkul (Flaming Anvil)
    Shatul (Stylized Echetere Head)
    Igrun (3 Post Picket Fence)

Temper’s Fork Puzzle

Click the runes in the following order

    Bagrakh (Fist Pointing Up)
    Igrun (3 Post Picket Fence)
    Shatul (Stylized Echetere Head)
    Fharun (Side Profile of Orc Head)

Quarry Conundrum Quest Puzzle

Press the middle switch 3 times
Press the left switch 6 times
Press the right switch once

Temple of the Mourning Springs puzzle

    New Moons Stone
    Waxing Moons Stone
    Full Moon Stone
    Waning Moons Stone

Rending Flames

Two Puzzles to solve to open the Chest

The eastern-most chest can be opened by matching the braziers to the lights arounf them, setting the lights to green, blue, green.

The western chest can be opened with a combo that, once again, matches the ones around it with red, green, blue (from left to right). Once you have both items, return to Mavos.

Make sure to close all 3 portals in the next area.

Rieker Revenge Puzzle

North Switch-Bird or Torch
Center Switch-Hammer
South Switch-Lion or Wolf

In the next room, you will find a note with a poem. You need to examine the items in the correct order: Sarcophagus with the knight mural, open sarcophagus (hunt-wife mural), tapestry, table (mural of seated king).

The next puzzle involves placing vases with moon motifs next to a pool. The tall vase goes in the center.

Puzzle for Aldmeri Dominion: An Act Of Kindness

The Warrior
The Thief

Quarry conundrum: Solve the puzzle of the orb illumination (Wrothgar)

Left- Hit Rings 6 Times
Center- Hit Rings 3 Times
Right- Hit Rings 1 time

Flipping the Coin

Here you will find 16 platforms. Looking at the platforms towards the Aultar plateform 1 located on the top left closest to Altar. Follow the Numbers under each Plate Number. Here are the solutions:


Plate 1


Plate 2


Plate 3


Plate 4

Plate 5


Plate 6

Plate 7


Plate 8

Plate 9

Plate 10


Plate 11


Plate 12

Plate 13

Plate 14

Plate 15

Plate 16


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em