Ruins of Mazzatun

Something to keep in mind during whole dungeon: You will see some lava/amberplasm ponts during fight. This is not your regular "just jump throught it" lava like in veteran City Of Ash. This lava will melt you for real. Dont stand in it.

1st Boss (Zatzu Sword and Board Argonian)


  • Is more like "miniboss", larger version of monster that appears all over dungeon. No special mechanics, just usual AOE attacks do more damage and have to be avoided (should you always avoid AOE just to not annoy healer lol)


2nd Boss (Mighty Chudan)

Mighty Chudan

  • During fight will call in Argonian mages that will hide into electric bubble and start damaging every person in group, you cant kill them or interrupt.
  • At the same time electric bubble appears, one of players gets a double-circle-AOE on their feet, this is indicator that boss will do charge attack, player with that AOE have to stand directly between boss and electric bubble and have to stay there untill he sees boss starting his charge. If player dodges charge too early, boss will change direction. Best is just block and eat up damage. Even healer will be able to live through it. Standing behind the electric bubble is also a good technique.
  • If position was right, boss will destroy bubble and Argonian inside. Very good awareness of surrounding needed to spot Argonian mages as soon as they come in, all players should go towards them and stay there until one specific person becomes a target for charge (its random) and then only that person stays directly in line between bubble and boss (its nice if tank keeps boss in place).

3rd Boss (Xal-Nur Argonian Behemoth)

Xal-Nur The Slaver

  • Boss will be shaking off aggro during enrage phase, tank has to pay close attention to keep retaunting him after its out of enrage.
  • Boss has random attacks so everyone should pay attention to what boss is doing and block when necessary: after fear attack, one of noticeable random attacks is that after doing scream that fears every player (CC break) he will then pick one random player and charge at him, this charge has to be blocked! the boss will have auto aim on you so if you try to run away he will follow you, best is that every player blocks when boss does fear until you know which player is target.
  • At 75, 50, 25 he will summon lots of adds, at this percentages one of DPS should free up 1 of the big kitty dragons that will help killing adds. Only 1 at 75%, then 1 at 50% and last one at 25%.
  • During fight boss will start puking green circle and after that he will enrage, it has to be picked up by DPS and taken towards water fountain (there are two spots but only one will be active), the circle attracts monsters, drains resources and snares you up to 100%, at that time person with it has to "X" shake it off and another DPS has to take it over until its brought to water fountain (pay attention, you actually need to see water squirting out of ground, not just still pond).

4th Boss (Puzzle)

  • There are several cages in the room with Argonians inside, under each cage there will be stone with a symbol (ladybug, leaf, weird things like that); in the center of room you will see something like Mayan Calendar with same symbols like are under cage; you need to find which symbol is currently highlighted and find its match cage calendar; if you do it right cage opens and you fight trash, if you do it wrong cage opens and you fight trash (I know right lol) but if you do it all right you also get shiny achievement.

5th Final Boss (Na-Kesh)

Tree-Minder Na-Kesh

  • Adds will be spawning during whole fight, kill them ASAP. Also boss will be creating ponds of amberplasm around the room. Adds will try to run there and empower themselves. If they succeed they will be stronger and immune to chains/snares etc. Tank should try to chain them away before they reach pond, snare or DD nuke them before they reach the pond. Ponds disappear after some time.
  • Totems will spawn during the fight (unclear if % or time based) but they have to be spotted ASAP and killed, they drain resources from anyone who is close; you can run away from totem but they have something like hysteresis.
  • Lets say you are 4 meters away from totem and you get resource drain beam you move away to 6 meters from him but you still have the beam, you move away to 7 meters from him and beam breaks but then you can walk back to 5 meters close and you wont get beam.
  • Tank should stay away from beam because no stam no block and dead (bosses hit hard especially if tank also manages adds), if healer gets beam he should run away a bit and then come back closer to support DDs with shards and magicka balls while they kill totem and drain out of resources.
  • Statues phase comes up once in a while (not sure if % based or time based), look around room you will see around 10 statues at the walls.
  • During statue phase 3 people from group will see all statues normally and only 1 will be glowing while 1 selected at random person (random or proximity to boss or maybe depends on how much people in group move, I've seen it in other dungeon) will have their screen turn orange and all statues will glow for them. That selected person also will lose all skills and they will be replaced with one single attack that has to be used to destroy right statue.
  • The goal here is that 3 people who can see that one specific highlighted statue to give direction to the single person that can destroy statue. You either have to look at proper statue and then use "Reveal" synergy or other way without using reveal is to simply have DDs start jumping all over the right statue.
  • Spirit will happen two times during fight, boss will summon a ghost of previous bosses, Behemoth and Chudan, there wont be any special mechanics from previous bosses but Argonian Behemoth Spirit will still be shaking off taunt and after fearing everyone will try to one-shot kill random person (block after fear until he selects target).
  • Around 33% of HP boss will spawn umbrella pattern AOE on the whole room, at this point all adds should be taken care off ASAP and before burning boss people should await either for statues phase or totem phase (it will come up soon) then if you feel the room is clean proceed to burn boss but as soon as totem/statue/adds come up TAKE CARE OF THEM. Don't try to burn boss and skip mechanics, right now even with good group, ignoring them or adds can be lethal.

HARD MODE RUINS OF MAZZATUN 5th final boss (Tree-Minder Na-Kesh)

  • To turn on Hard Mode (requirement for gold veteran pledge) you need to burn alchemist notes that are on a table before you enter boss room.
  • This is what changes with Hard Mode on:
  • Boss gains about 1 mil extra HP
  • The "reveal" synergy that was used before to let chosen one find right statue they have to kill is now disabled. Players have to come up with a strategy how to aim chosen one to right statue. You can try to either assign numbers to statues or simply have one of DPS run to the right statue and start jumping all over it so the chosen one knows direction.
  • More adds, including Stoneshapers. Kill those.

 Pro-Tip Stand behind the bubble. You don't take damage and the boss stops as soon as it hits bubble guy. If you stand in front of the bubble, the boss will stop when he gets to you, and if you are not close enough to the bubble, it won't kill the add.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em