Town Locations

Provence (Region)




ALL(Fighters Guild)-The Earth Forge All Regions Fighters Guild The Earth Forge
ALL(Mages Guild)-Eyevea All Regions Mages Guild Eyevea
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Alten Corimont Black Marsh Shadowfen Alten Corimont
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Arx Corinium Black Marsh Shadowfen Arx Corinium
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Atanaz Ruins Black Marsh Shadowfen Atanaz Ruins
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Bitterroot Cave Black Marsh Shadowfen Bitterroot Cave
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Bogmother Black Marsh Shadowfen Bogmother
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Broken Tusk Black Marsh Shadowfen Broken Tusk
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Camp Crystal Abattoir Black Marsh Shadowfen Camp Crystal Abattoir
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Camp Merciful Redoubt Black Marsh Shadowfen Camp Merciful Redoubt
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Camp Silken Snare Black Marsh Shadowfen Camp Silken Snare
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Captain Bones' Ship Black Marsh Shadowfen Captain Bones' Ship
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Chid-Moska Ruins Black Marsh Shadowfen Chid-Moska Ruins
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Deep Graves Black Marsh Shadowfen Deep Graves
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Forsaken Hamlet Black Marsh Shadowfen Forsaken Hamlet
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Gandranen Ruins Black Marsh Shadowfen Gandranen Ruins
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Hatching Pools Black Marsh Shadowfen Hatching Pools
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Hatchling's Crown Black Marsh Shadowfen Hatchling's Crown
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Hissmir Black Marsh Shadowfen Hissmir
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Loriasel Black Marsh Shadowfen Loriasel
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Mud Tree Village Black Marsh Shadowfen Mud Tree Village
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Murkwater Black Marsh Shadowfen Murkwater
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Onkobra Kwama Mine Black Marsh Shadowfen Onkobra Kwama Mine
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Percolating Mine Black Marsh Shadowfen Percolating Mine
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Sanguine's Demesne Black Marsh Shadowfen Sanguine's Demesne
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Shadowscale Enclave Black Marsh Shadowfen Shadowscale Enclave
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Shrine of the Black Maw Black Marsh Shadowfen Shrine of the Black Maw
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Slaver Camp Black Marsh Shadowfen Slaver Camp
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Stillrise Village Black Marsh Shadowfen Stillrise Village
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Sunscale Strand Black Marsh Shadowfen Sunscale Strand
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Telvanni Acquisition Camp Black Marsh Shadowfen Telvanni Acquisition Camp
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Ten-Maur-Wolk Black Marsh Shadowfen Ten-Maur-Wolk
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-The Atronach Black Marsh Shadowfen The Atronach
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-The Graceful Dominator Black Marsh Shadowfen The Graceful Dominator
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-The Serpent Black Marsh Shadowfen The Serpent
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-The Shadow Black Marsh Shadowfen The Shadow
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-The Vile Pavilion Black Marsh Shadowfen The Vile Pavilion
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Tsonashap Mine Black Marsh Shadowfen Tsonashap Mine
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Weeping Wamasu Falls Black Marsh Shadowfen Weeping Wamasu Falls
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-White Rose Prison Black Marsh Shadowfen White Rose Prison
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Xal Haj-ei Shrine Black Marsh Shadowfen Xal Haj-ei Shrine
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Xal Ithix Black Marsh Shadowfen Xal Ithix
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Xal Thak Black Marsh Shadowfen Xal Thak
Black Marsh(Shadowfen)-Zuuk Black Marsh Shadowfen Zuuk
Coldharbour-Coldharbour Village Coldharbour N/A Coldharbour Village
Coldharbour-Deathspinner's Lair Coldharbour N/A Deathspinner's Lair
Coldharbour-The Everfull Flagon Coldharbour N/A The Everfull Flagon
Coldharbour-The Hollow City Coldharbour N/A The Hollow City
Coldharbour-The Orchard Coldharbour N/A The Orchard
Coldharbour-The Wailing Prison Coldharbour N/A The Wailing Prison
Coldharbour-Vaults of Madness(Dungeon) Coldharbour N/A Vaults of Madness(Dungeon)
Cyrodiil-Anvil Cyrodiil N/A Anvil
Cyrodiil-Bruma Cyrodiil N/A Bruma
Cyrodiil-Cheydinhal Cyrodiil N/A Cheydinhal
Cyrodiil-Chorrol Cyrodiil N/A Chorrol
Cyrodiil-Cropsford Cyrodiil N/A Cropsford
Cyrodiil-Farragut Keep Cyrodiil N/A Farragut Keep
Cyrodiil-Hackdirt Cyrodiil N/A Hackdirt
Cyrodiil-Imperial City Cyrodiil N/A Imperial City
Cyrodiil-Kvatch Cyrodiil N/A Kvatch
Cyrodiil-Skingrad Cyrodiil N/A Skingrad
Elsweyr(Reaper's March)-Broken Arch Elsweyr Reaper's March Broken Arch
Elsweyr(Reaper's March)-Fort Sphinxmoth Elsweyr Reaper's March Fort Sphinxmoth
Elsweyr(Reaper's March)-Greenspeaker's Grove Elsweyr Reaper's March Greenspeaker's Grove
Elsweyr(Reaper's March)-Old Town Cavern Elsweyr Reaper's March Old Town Cavern
Hammerfell(Alik'r Desert)-Alezer Kotu Hammerfell Alik'r Desert Alezer Kotu
Hammerfell(Alik'r Desert)-Artisan's Oasis Hammerfell Alik'r Desert Artisan's Oasis
Hammerfell(Alik'r Desert)-Leki's Blade Hammerfell Alik'r Desert Leki's Blade
Hammerfell(Alik'r Desert)-Rkulftzel Hammerfell Alik'r Desert Rkulftzel
Hammerfell(Alik'r Desert)-Sentinel Hammerfell Alik'r Desert Sentinel
Hammerfell(Alik'r Desert)-Tava's Blessing Hammerfell Alik'r Desert Tava's Blessing
Hammerfell(Bangkorai)-Hallin's End Hammerfell Bangkorai Hallin's End
Hammerfell(Bangkorai)-Silaseli Ruins Hammerfell Bangkorai Silaseli Ruins
Hammerfell(Bangkorai)-Viridian Hideaway Hammerfell Bangkorai Viridian Hideaway
Hammerfell(Bangkorai)-Wether's Cleft Hammerfell Bangkorai Wether's Cleft
Hammerfell(Stros M'Kai)-Craglorn Hammerfell Stros M'Kai Craglorn
High Rock(Glenumbra)-Aldcroft High Rock Glenumbra Aldcroft
High Rock(Glenumbra)-Chill House High Rock Glenumbra Chill House
High Rock(Glenumbra)-Daggerfall High Rock Glenumbra Daggerfall
High Rock(Glenumbra)-Mesanthano's Tower High Rock Glenumbra Mesanthano's Tower
High Rock(Glenumbra)-Noellaume Estate High Rock Glenumbra Noellaume Estate
High Rock(Glenumbra)-Par Molag High Rock Glenumbra Par Molag
High Rock(Glenumbra)-Wyrd Tree High Rock Glenumbra Wyrd Tree
High Rock(Grahtwood)-Fisherman's Isle High Rock Grahtwood Fisherman's Isle
High Rock(Grahtwood)-Temple of the Eight High Rock Grahtwood Temple of the Eight
High Rock(Grahtwood)-Vineshade Lodge High Rock Grahtwood Vineshade Lodge
High Rock(Rivenspire)-Shornhelm High Rock Rivenspire Shornhelm
High Rock(Rivenspire)-Trader's Rest High Rock Rivenspire Trader's Rest
High Rock(Rivenspire)-Vaewend Ede High Rock Rivenspire Vaewend Ede
High Rock(Rivenspire)-Westwind Lighthouse High Rock Rivenspire Westwind Lighthouse
Morrowind-Pelagiad Morrowind N/A Pelagiad
Morrowind(Bal Foyen)-Bal Foyen Dockyards Morrowind Bal Foyen Bal Foyen Dockyards
Morrowind(Bal Foyen)-Dhalmora Wayshrine Morrowind Bal Foyen Dhalmora Wayshrine
Morrowind(Bal Foyen)-Fort Zeren Morrowind Bal Foyen Fort Zeren
Morrowind(Bal Foyen)-Fort Zeren Wayshrine Morrowind Bal Foyen Fort Zeren Wayshrine
Morrowind(Bal Foyen)-Hidden Dagger Landing Site Morrowind Bal Foyen Hidden Dagger Landing Site
Morrowind(Bal Foyen)-Plantation Point Overlook Morrowind Bal Foyen Plantation Point Overlook
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Avayan's Farm Morrowind Deshaan Avayan's Farm
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Berezan's Mine Morrowind Deshaan Berezan's Mine
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Forgotten Crypts Morrowind Deshaan Forgotten Crypts
Morrowind(Deshaan)-House Dres Farmstead Morrowind Deshaan House Dres Farmstead
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Lady Llarel's Shelter Morrowind Deshaan Lady Llarel's Shelter
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Lake Hlaalu Retreat Morrowind Deshaan Lake Hlaalu Retreat
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Malak's Maw Morrowind Deshaan Malak's Maw
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Mournhold Morrowind Deshaan Mournhold
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Muth Gnaar Morrowind Deshaan Muth Gnaar
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Mzithumz Morrowind Deshaan Mzithumz
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Narsis Morrowind Deshaan Narsis
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Obsidian Gorge Morrowind Deshaan Obsidian Gorge
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Quarantine Serk Morrowind Deshaan Quarantine Serk
Morrowind(Deshaan)-The Lord Morrowind Deshaan The Lord
Morrowind(Deshaan)-The Tower Morrowind Deshaan The Tower
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Tribunal Temple Morrowind Deshaan Tribunal Temple
Morrowind(Deshaan)-Triple Circle Mine Morrowind Deshaan Triple Circle Mine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Armature's Upheaval Morrowind Stonefalls Armature's Upheaval
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Ash Mountain Morrowind Stonefalls Ash Mountain
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Brothers of Strife Morrowind Stonefalls Brothers of Strife
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Brothers of Strife Wayshrine Morrowind Stonefalls Brothers of Strife Wayshrine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Crow's Wood Morrowind Stonefalls Crow's Wood
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Crow's Wood Morrowind Stonefalls Crow's Wood
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Dagger's Point Invasion Camp Morrowind Stonefalls Dagger's Point Invasion Camp
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Davenas Farm Morrowind Stonefalls Davenas Farm
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Ebonheart Morrowind Stonefalls Ebonheart
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Emberflint Mine Morrowind Stonefalls Emberflint Mine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Fort Arand Morrowind Stonefalls Fort Arand
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Fort Virak Morrowind Stonefalls Fort Virak
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Fort Virak Wayshrine Morrowind Stonefalls Fort Virak Wayshrine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Fungal Grotto Morrowind Stonefalls Fungal Grotto
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Fungal Grotto Wayshrine Morrowind Stonefalls Fungal Grotto Wayshrine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Greymist Falls Morrowind Stonefalls Greymist Falls
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Heimlyn Keep Morrowind Stonefalls Heimlyn Keep
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Hightide Hollow Morrowind Stonefalls Hightide Hollow
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Hrogar's Hold Morrowind Stonefalls Hrogar's Hold
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Hrogar's Hold Wayshine Morrowind Stonefalls Hrogar's Hold Wayshine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Iliath Temple Wayshrine Morrowind Stonefalls Iliath Temple Wayshrine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Inner Sea Armature Morrowind Stonefalls Inner Sea Armature
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Kragenmoor Morrowind Stonefalls Kragenmoor
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Kragenmoor Wayshrine Morrowind Stonefalls Kragenmoor Wayshrine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Lukial Uxith Morrowind Stonefalls Lukial Uxith
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Magmaflow Overlook Morrowind Stonefalls Magmaflow Overlook
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Mephala's Nest Morrowind Stonefalls Mephala's Nest
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Othrenis Morrowind Stonefalls Othrenis
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Sathram Plantation Morrowind Stonefalls Sathram Plantation
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Sathram Plantation Wayshrine Morrowind Stonefalls Sathram Plantation Wayshrine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Senie Morrowind Stonefalls Senie
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Sheogorath's Tongue Morrowind Stonefalls Sheogorath's Tongue
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Softloam Cavern Morrowind Stonefalls Softloam Cavern
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Starved Plain Morrowind Stonefalls Starved Plain
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Steamfont Cavern Morrowind Stonefalls Steamfont Cavern
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Steamlake Encampment Morrowind Stonefalls Steamlake Encampment
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Still-Water's Camp Morrowind Stonefalls Still-Water's Camp
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Stonefang Isle Morrowind Stonefalls Stonefang Isle
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Strifeswarm Kwama Mine Morrowind Stonefalls Strifeswarm Kwama Mine
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Sulfur Pools Morrowind Stonefalls Sulfur Pools
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-The Lady Morrowind Stonefalls The Lady
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-The Lover Morrowind Stonefalls The Lover
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Tormented Spire Morrowind Stonefalls Tormented Spire
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Vivec's Antlers Morrowind Stonefalls Vivec's Antlers
Morrowind(Stonefalls)-Vivec's Antlers Wayshrine Morrowind Stonefalls Vivec's Antlers Wayshrine
Morrowind(Stormhaven)-Fisherman's Island Morrowind Stormhaven Fisherman's Island
Morrowind(Stormhaven)-Hammerdeath Workshop Morrowind Stormhaven Hammerdeath Workshop
Morrowind(Stormhaven)-Windrige Warehouse Morrowind Stormhaven Windrige Warehouse
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Bleakrock Lighthouse Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Bleakrock Lighthouse
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Bleakrock Village Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Bleakrock Village
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Companion's Point Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Companion's Point
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Deathclaw's Lair Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Deathclaw's Lair
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Frostedge Bandit Camp Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Frostedge Bandit Camp
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Halmaera's House Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Halmaera's House
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Hunter's Camp Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Hunter's Camp
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Last Rest Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Last Rest
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Last Rest Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Last Rest
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Lost Fisher's Camp Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Lost Fisher's Camp
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Orkey's Hollow Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Orkey's Hollow
Skyrim(Bleakrock Isle)-Skyshroud Barrow Skyrim Bleakrock Isle Skyshroud Barrow
Skyrim(Eastmarch)-Crimson Kada's Crafting Cavern Skyrim Eastmarch Crimson Kada's Crafting Cavern
Skyrim(Eastmarch)-Hammerhome Skyrim Eastmarch Hammerhome
Skyrim(Eastmarch)-Skuldafn Skyrim Eastmarch Skuldafn
Skyrim(Eastmarch)-Tinkerer Tobin's Workshop Skyrim Eastmarch Tinkerer Tobin's Workshop
Skyrim(The Rift)-Eldbjorg's Hideaway Skyrim The Rift Eldbjorg's Hideaway
Skyrim(The Rift)-Fullhelm Fort Skyrim The Rift Fullhelm Fort
Skyrim(The Rift)-Nimalten Skyrim The Rift Nimalten
Skyrim(The Rift)-Smokefrost Vigil Skyrim The Rift Smokefrost Vigil
Skyrim(The Rift)-Trollslayer Gully Skyrim The Rift Trollslayer Gully
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Beacon Falls Summerset Isles Auridon Beacon Falls
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Buraniim Isle Summerset Isles Auridon Buraniim Isle
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Del's Claim(Cavern) Summerset Isles Auridon Del's Claim(Cavern)
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Eastshore Islets Camp Summerset Isles Auridon Eastshore Islets Camp
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Entila's Folly(Cavern) Summerset Isles Auridon Entila's Folly(Cavern)
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Errinorne Isle Summerset Isles Auridon Errinorne Isle
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Firsthold(City) Summerset Isles Auridon Firsthold(City)
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Glister Vale Summerset Isles Auridon Glister Vale
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Greenwater Cove Summerset Isles Auridon Greenwater Cove
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Greenwater Wayshrine Summerset Isles Auridon Greenwater Wayshrine
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Hightide Keep Summerset Isles Auridon Hightide Keep
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Isle of Contemplation Summerset Isles Auridon Isle of Contemplation
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Maormer Invasion Camp Summerset Isles Auridon Maormer Invasion Camp
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Mathiisen Summerset Isles Auridon Mathiisen
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Mathiisen Wayshrine Summerset Isles Auridon Mathiisen Wayshrine
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Mehrune's Spite(Cavern) Summerset Isles Auridon Mehrune's Spite(Cavern)
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Monkey's Rest Summerset Isles Auridon Monkey's Rest
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Nestmother's Den Summerset Isles Auridon Nestmother's Den
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Nine-Prow Landing Summerset Isles Auridon Nine-Prow Landing
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-North Beacon Summerset Isles Auridon North Beacon
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Ondil(Cavern) Summerset Isles Auridon Ondil(Cavern)
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Phaer Summerset Isles Auridon Phaer
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Phaer Wayshrine Summerset Isles Auridon Phaer Wayshrine
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Seaside Scarp Camp Summerset Isles Auridon Seaside Scarp Camp
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Shattered Grove Summerset Isles Auridon Shattered Grove
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Silsailen Summerset Isles Auridon Silsailen
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Silsailen Point Summerset Isles Auridon Silsailen Point
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Skywatch Summerset Isles Auridon Skywatch
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Smuggler's Cove Summerset Isles Auridon Smuggler's Cove
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Soulfire Plateau Summerset Isles Auridon Soulfire Plateau
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-South Beacon Summerset Isles Auridon South Beacon
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Tanzelwil Summerset Isles Auridon Tanzelwil
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Tanzelwil Wayshrine Summerset Isles Auridon Tanzelwil Wayshrine
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-The Banished Cells Summerset Isles Auridon The Banished Cells
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-The Lady Stone Summerset Isles Auridon The Lady Stone
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Toothmaul Gully Summerset Isles Auridon Toothmaul Gully
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Vulkhel Guard Summerset Isles Auridon Vulkhel Guard
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine Summerset Isles Auridon Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Wansalen(Cavern) Summerset Isles Auridon Wansalen(Cavern)
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Windy Glade Wayshrine Summerset Isles Auridon Windy Glade Wayshrine
Summerset Isles(Auridon)-Wreck of the Raptor Summerset Isles Auridon Wreck of the Raptor
Valenwood(Elden Root)-Southpoint Valenwood Elden Root Southpoint
Valenwood(Greenshade)-Arananga Valenwood Greenshade Arananga
Valenwood(Greenshade)-Lanalda Pond Valenwood Greenshade Lanalda Pond
Valenwood(Greenshade)-Marbruk Valenwood Greenshade Marbruk
Valenwood(Greenshade)-Rootwatch Tower Valenwood Greenshade Rootwatch Tower
Valenwood(Greenshade)-Woodhearth Valenwood Greenshade Woodhearth
Valenwood(Malabal Tor)-Chancel of Divine Entreaty Valenwood Malabal Tor Chancel of Divine Entreaty
Valenwood(Malabal Tor)-Matthild's Last Venture Valenwood Malabal Tor Matthild's Last Venture
Valenwood(Malabal Tor)-Sleepy Senche Overlook Valenwood Malabal Tor Sleepy Senche Overlook
Valenwood(Malabal Tor)-Vulkwasten Valenwood Malabal Tor Vulkwasten
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em